Functionality in the Pharmaceutical industry

  • Maximizes space

    Because neotame is 8000x sweeter than sugar, only small amounts of product are needed to provide the same sweetening potential as sugar. Using neotame in pills and tablets therefore maximizes the available space for your other pharmaceutical ingredients and enables flexible shapes and sizes to satisfy consumer preferences and needs.

  • Masks Unpleasant Taste

    Neotame effectively masks the taste of supplements, vitamins, actives, and bitter ingredients. It also enhances berry, mint and citrus flavors. Formulating with neotame allows you to deliver a better tasting high-quality product.

  • Safe for general consumption

    Neotame can be enjoyed by all segments of the population. It is safe for children, pregnant and lactating women, diabetics, and phenylketonuria patients. Neotame is rapidly metabolized and completely eliminated by the body.