Highly versatile

Neotame is a low-cost sugar alternative that satisfies customers’ desire for incredible sweet taste without the calories. Its high sweetness intensity offers the ability to recreate desirable sugar profiles for diverse applications while enabling huge reductions in actual sugar content. Complete sugar replacement with neotame enables the creation of zero-calorie products that are safe even for diabetics.

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Tastes Like Sugar

Neotame leaves you with a sweet and caramelized flavor without unwanted tastes. It contains no licorice, bitter, or metallic overtones, making it the optimal sugar replacement for your product.

Product Applications

A Strategic Cost Advantage

Neotame is 15 times sweeter than sucralose and 8,000 times sweeter than sugar, giving you enhanced sweetening potential at a reduced cost compared to other sugar alternatives.

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A Singular Solution For Your Sweetener Needs

We want to support your mission to create healthy, sweetened products that do not compromise on taste, quality, or cost.

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